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Squad Survival Horror Phantom Halls Hits Kickstarter

Ah, comedic horror. Three words into the post and half my readers already jumped ship. The rest of you probably have a great, if dark, sense of humor. Phantom Halls wants to capitalize on that. Currently, the game is a fun romp through a limited map, giving players a taste of the concept in Early Access. As developer Incendium solidifies plans for a Halloween 2018 release, though, Phantom Halls is undergoing some major renovations.

First and foremost, multiplayer mode allows players to gather their friends and have a rollicking party. Solo play allows players to control three different characters as they explore the mansion. As fun as guiding a pack of hilariously ill-prepared characters through a haunted mansion can be, it will never compare to building a team of your most capable friends and throwing down. Luckily, co-op is now available to Early Access players, giving everyone a reason to fight. We can’t all be Bruce.

Wait, what? Bruce as in the Bruce? Absolutely. Phantom Halls x Evil Dead 2 puts players in Ash Williams’s epic shoes. If you’re looking for a way to kill some time between episodes of Ash vs. Evil Dead, check out the content pack live on Early Access now. It looks like there will be a much larger licensed expansion of the Evil Dead 2 content in the full release of Phantom Halls, sold as separate DLC to players who missed the Kickstarter.

There will be plenty of other playable characters for everyone who isn’t Ash, with a dozen faces and the possibility for more to join after release. There are more than a dozen enemies and minibosses, as well as one big nasty in every mansion. Beat the big boss, get the big loot, but there will be plenty of chances to upgrade along the way. Procedurally generated levels contain loot ranging from weapons and traps to potions, suiting every player’s unique style. Speaking of unique style, Phantom Halls is animated in a 3D low-poly papercraft style, keeping the halls more fun than frightening.

There is too much to go over here, so interested players should check out the Kickstarter page for more information. Backers will have access to playable builds while Phantom Halls v1 is in development, with developers watching feedback closely to tweak the game. If you happen to have some moral objection to Kickstarter, you can hop over to Steam Early Access. Entry will cost you a mere $12, while the lowest backer level with the game included is only $14. If you also find Early Access objectionable, you’ll have to wait until Halloween for the full release.

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