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Mundaun Brings Hand-Drawn Love to Horror


Mundaun, originally announced for release in 2018, is back from its long journey up the mountainside, and it has seen terrifying things. You can see them yourself when it launches next Spring. Developed in the vein of lo-fi indie horror gems like Sylvio, the Amnesia series, and every indie that has tried emulate the feel of Silent Hill, Mundaun charmingly pairs hand-penciled textures with an ultra-creepy setting.

While the trailer leaves the storyline about as clear as mud, developer Hidden Fields has thankfully made a website to (eventually) elucidate the finer points of the story. This leaves them able to show off the art and macabre locale in their announcement trailer, giving it a very avant-garde vibe. The images hop around from character to character and through various places. There is a hiking duo, who may or may not be the father and little girls seen later, an occult undertone complete with old man parting an avalanche, and a creepy preacher. There is an even creepier goat. This game has everything an indie lover could want.

While the website doesn’t go into much more detail yet, we do know that the story is set in a secluded valley in the Alps inhabited by weird folks, evil apparitions, and that creepy goat we mentioned earlier. There is a developer blog section that doesn’t have any posts yet, so we can probably expect to see more details there as they finish refining the final product. According to the site, the story blends myth and reality and will implore players to explore, fight, and drive vehicles. Everything about this screams out to the Sylvio fan in me, so I am more than ready to see it myself. We may have many months to wait until the game releases, but players should be able to enjoy it on their machine of choice. Mundaun is coming to PC and consoles sometime in Spring 2021. Head over to the website to check out some great concept art for the game and try to tease out a potential storyline.

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