IMMURE Blends Dimensions for Multidimensional Psychological Horror


Wither Studios has introduced their new 2.5D psychological horror game IMMURE this week with a 1 hour demo. Fans of games like Lone Survivor, Claire, and Neverending Nightmares will no doubt be intrigued.

Following protagonist Will, IMMURE sets players inside of a mansion with no escape. Aided by a the illuminating¬†Trapezohedron (inspired by Lovecraft lore), Will traverses through the dark mansion, shifting between alternate dimensions when going through its doors. These dimensions are populated by monsters and wraiths that can either be avoided or banished. Expect puzzle solving, an enigmatic story, and¬† — im my opinion — some fairly strong hand-drawn visuals.

IMMURE will hit Kickstarter to raise development funds on October 15. The demo is available now on Steam.

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