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IGA Might Be Working On a New Castlevania Title For the 3DS

Is this really surprising to anyone? IGA has been nice to Nintendo handhelds ever since the GBA. Since then, we’ve received 6 2D titles in the style of Symphony of the Night, 3 on the GBA and 3 on the Nintendo DS. Now, the 3DS is looming closer to its release and it’s a safe bet that IGA is developing a new 2D Castlevania title for the new device.

More proof has been released to support this belief by way of Paul Gale, who had a chance to speak with IGA himself at this year’s E3. He goes on to state:

When I asked him if one of these titles was a new Castlevania, he told me that the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS have been great for the series thus far and that he always has new ideas to carry the franchise further.

The question is, will it be a completely new entry or a sequel to a previous one? Fans definitely want an end to Soma’s story, thus completing a trilogy, but is that what’s in the works? Only time will tell, but it is quite fun to speculate what this new Vania could be about. Click here to see more proof on this, and to see how this new game might utilize the 3DS’s  cameras to an extent.


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