Hyakki Castle spooks Steam next week - Rely on Horror

Hyakki Castle spooks Steam next week

Hyakki Castle, a new dungeon crawling RPG comes out next week on Steam. To stand out from the many other games in the same genre, this title features a specifically Edo-based theme that has you exploring a cursed castle filled to the brim with yokai. While the aesthetic mimics Japan’s prominent artstyle during that era, the game features a fully 3D realtime system that even allows you to split up your party to solve puzzles or deal with enemies from multiple angles. Like Grimrock or other dungeon jaunts, your party of four can be customized with different classes, races, and even custom portraits if the ukiyo-e style isn’t doing it for you.

Asakusa Studios, a subsidiary under publisher HAPPINET, is a new team with only this game and Dodgeball Rising (another in-development title) to their credit. No pricing has been detailed as of yet. You can view a gameplay trailer below.

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