Hollowbody – Blade Runner Meets Silent Hill in a Tech-noir Homage to Classic Survival Horror


Hollowbody is a third-person survival horror game with an emphasis on strong world-building set in a dystopian near-future. With classic survival horror gameplay inspired by early 2000s horror titles such as Silent Hill 2, 3, Kuon, and Rule of Rose.

Hollowbody is a solo project by developer Nathan Hamley of Headware Games, whose Kickstarter campaign has already exceeded its $17,208 goal. Last year, Hamley released the psychological horror game Chasing Static, his first venture into 3D game development after his previous comedy adventure release, Guard Duty.

Hamley will once again be taking on all aspects of the game’s development, including the art, story, code, and creating the game’s soundtrack.


​In Hollowbody, you play as Mica, an unlicensed Shipper working for an infamous ring of black market freelancers in a futuristic British dystopia. You’re grounded in the exclusion zone, twenty miles of death and decay sealed off by the towering, suffocating walls erected after the collapse.

Alone, stranded, and with limited resources, at your disposal, you’ll have to push your way through the zone, solve environmental puzzles, manage resources and fight for your life as you try to find a way to escape beyond the wall.​


  • Classic survival horror gameplay inspired by early 2000s horror titles
  • A cinematic blend of dynamic and fixed camera angles
  • Logic puzzles, resource management, and limited combat with a focus on narrative and exploration
  • Multiple endings
  • Full voice acting
  • An emphasis on strong world-building set in a dystopian near-future
  • Carefully paced save points ensure tension is maintained whilst respecting the player’s time
  • Accessibility options to aid players who prefer exploration over combat
  • New game + features

Hollowbody is currently set to release on PC via Steam. Hamley hopes to also release the game on GOG and Epic Games Store but it first needs to pass the curation process for these stores. He has previously bought his games to consoles and wants to do so again for Hollowbody, but this is dependent on funding, publishing, and porting.

The game has a tentative December 2023 release date.

You can view a gallery of screenshots below.

You can also check out the official Hollowbody reveal trailer below.

YouTube video

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