Heavy Rain Endings Guide

There are a total of 7 endings in Heavy Rain that can be unlocked.  Each one requires a different set of actions to be completed during the game.  To get the Platinum Trophy for Heavy Rain, you need to see all of the endings the game has to offer.  If you don’t know how to get them, that can certainly take a long time.  RoH has you covered though.  This is a relatively straightfoward walk-through on how to obtain all of the endings.

Just a general warning, as if it weren’t obvious enough already.  This is an endings guide.  What kind of guide would it be without spoilers?  If you want to figure out the endings by yourself, turn back now.  If you need some help on unlocking other trophies, check out the Trophies List or In-Depth Trophy Guide.

You’ve been warned!

1. To unlock the first ending, you need to complete the objectives set out for the Perfect Crime trophy.  Load the game from Hassan’s Shop

a)  Allow the robber to kill Hassan
b)  Remove all fingerprints from Manfred’s
c)  Allow Lauren to drown
d)  Refuse to give Kramer his medication
e)  Kill off both Madison and Jayden.

2.  Load the game from The Killer’s Place

a)  Make it out of the apartment alive.
b)  Phone either Ethan or Jayden and tell them where Shaun’s location is
c)  Have Madison make it through the police barricade successfully
d)  Win the battle between Jayden and the Origami Killer.

3.  Another depressing ending.
a)  Madison and Jayden are killed at some point during the game
b)  Ethan is killed by police

4.  Load the game from the beginning of The Rat trial.

a)  Choose the wrong location on the GPS when searching for Shaun
b)  Make Jayden give up his investigation
c)  Kill Madison in The Killer’s Place

5.  For this ending, load the game from The Killer’s Place

a)  Do not find the address ont he laptop
b)  Die in the fire

6.  Load up the game from On The Loose.

a)  Do not kiss Madison to initiate the love scene.
b)  Have Ethan surrender to Blake and Jayden.
c)  Save Lauren during the Trapped scene
d)  Make Jayden give up his investigation.
e)  Do not find the warehouse address on the laptop in The Killer’s Place, but break out of the locked room.

7.  For the last ending, load up the game from The Killer’s Place

a)  Find the warehouse address on the laptop
b)  Break out of the locked room and hide in the fridge to save Madison from the explosion.  c)  When prompted, drive directly to the Old Warehouse–do not call anyone.
d)  Win the battle with the Origami Killer

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