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Haunting Ground’s Fiona To Debut As Street Fighter V Costume

Haunting Ground Street Fighter

Via Twitter, Capcom announced that Fiona from Haunting Grounds will be the upcoming unlockable costume for Cammy in Street Fighter V, starting August 30th. The outfit will be unlockable via the Extra Battle Mode.

For the unfamiliar, Haunting Grounds is a survival horror developed by Capcom and is often described as being a spiritual successor to the Clock Tower games. The game follows Fiona Belli, a woman who awakens inside a strange castle shortly after enduring a car crash. She manages to befriend a white dog named Hewie, and together they strive to escape the castle and the threats inside.

Capcom has released various crossover costumes for Street Fighter V for quite some time now. Some of the characters include Viewtiful Joe, Gloria (Devil May Cry 4), and Air Man (Mega Man II). These costumes are only obtainable through the game’s Extra Battle Mode for a limited time. Each week during the event, players will be presented with a new challenge, and all four challenges during the campaign’s run must be completed in order for the player to fully unlock it.

It’s nice to see that someone at Capcom remembers Haunting Grounds. I haven’t gotten around to playing myself, but with Fiona’s appearance in Street Fighter V, in combination with Capcom’s general interest in returning to older titles, I am hopeful that we could see a remaster of the game for modern consoles.

Have you gotten the chance to play Street Fighter V or Haunting Grounds? Would you like to see a return to the Haunting Grounds IP? Let us know in the comments below.

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