Hackers Steal and Release Capcom Data Including Documents and Plans

Hackers Steal and Release Capcom Data Including Documents and Plans

To start off with, I just want all of you reading to know that this article will not be covering the content of this leak, or any of the specific Capcom games that were part of it. That information can be found on some other website that has less of a problem distributing stolen information.

So yeah, a group of cybercriminals (as silly as that is to say outside of a 90s movie) ripped off a bunch of sensitive data and information from Capcom. The group managed to swipe about 1 Terabyte’s worth of information and held the company at ransom in order to keep them from releasing the information they obtained (to the tune of about 11 million dollars). Capcom refused, and the hackers have since released some of the information they obtained and holding on to the rest in order to sell it to high bidders. Fans have been quick to jump on board with the game leaks included in the information they stole, some of which is very exciting (including plans for multiple unannounced and unreleased games), but they aren’t worth the other damaging information that was stolen along with them.

Along with the game leaks, the group also stole the source code for multiple games, along with what appears to be a considerable amount of banking information, contracts, corporate agreements, and more. Perhaps the most horrifying is the personal information of Capcom employees, which they state to include passports and visas. This is bad, and the damage done here (and that can potentially still be done based on what they chose to release in the future) is considerable.

As a games journalist, it’s objectively my job to report on game leaks (as I have multiple, multiple times in the past), but I do not consider this that. Distributing and discussing leaked information, some of which could be hearsay or outdated is in no way shape or form on the same level as this stolen information, and we at Rely on Horror want no part in that distribution. Again, if you really want to find out what was leaked, it’s easy enough to find through other sources. People got hurt in the process of finding out about some cool new video game thing, and that’s not worth it.

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