Guillermo del Toro: Junji Ito was “collaborator” on Silent Hills

Well this saga never ends. Nor fail to lead to more disappointment. The miserable story that was Silent Hills, a game teased by an amazing demo, to be created by Hideo Kojima and film director Guillermo del Toro, then cancelled because Konami seemingly had a falling out with Kojima, has yet another sordid chapter. Silent Hills may have included the involvement of celebrated horror writer and manga artist Junji Ito, according to a tweet made by Guillermo Del Toro.

Silent Hills had a power team behind it; Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions were sure to produce a AAA entry into the series that much needed a breadth of life, Guillermo del Toro would have brought his signature horror style to the game, combining the distinct horror sensibilities of the two creative forces, and now we’re hearing one of the most popular horror writers in Japan would have been involved as well? This dead project keeps on giving, huh?

Junji Ito is well known for his mangas Uzumaki (Spiral), Gyo, Tomie and more. His contributions to Silent Hills would have no doubt led to some truly weird and unsettling things, but I guess we’ll never know. Damn it all.


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