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Go Back to Ubersreik in new Vermintide 2 DLC

Vermintide 2

This upcoming December, players of Vermintide 2 — the Left 4 Dead-inspired action RPG set in the Warhammer universe — will find their way to the birthplace of Sigmar. Back to Ubersreik is a major content update for the game, which will deliver something familiar and new to series fans.

Three new maps from the first Vermintide will be making their way to the sequel in this new DLC, fully remastered with some challenging updates. The tagline “Let’s Return to Where It All Began and Ended” is listed on the announcement post by developer Fatshark. Given how successful Vermintide 2 has been for the studio, it’s no surprise that they’d revisit maps from the first game and bring them over to the sequel in the form of additional content. As someone that skipped the first game, this sounds great.

Back to Ubersreik will be available this December for $9.99 USD. A firm release date will be announced in due time.

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