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Get a Free Taste of the Pathalogic Remake

Ice Pick Lodge has released a demo and a new trailer for its upcoming remake of 2005’s Pathalogic. 

The demo titled The Marble Nest was released to Kickstarter backers toward the end of last year. Developer Ice Pick Lodge describes the demo as “a self-contained short story that uses the same assets and premise and the main game, but works as a spin-off.” It was well-received by fans, and it serves to introduce players to the game’s dark cast of characters and its light RPG mechanics, with some survival horror bits peppered in.

The game, which will implement some ‘drastic changes’ from the original while also promising to keep true to its source material will be out later this year. “Obviously, we can’t be everyone’s cup of tea,” Ice Pick Lodge says in its post about the demo. “We’re not trying to. And yet we still believe that there is wisdom to be found in the reactions and criticism (or compliments?) of the people unfamiliar with the original Pathologic and our general style of development.”

You can download the demo on Steam, or by clicking here.

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