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Gamestop: NA Resident Evil 7 Collector’s Edition to be $180; Japanese CE Teases OST Tracks

Fun fun fun!

That Collector’s Edition of RE7 that was leaked yesterday has now been confirmed to be coming to the US. It has appeared in GameStop’s North American pre-order system, complete with game, priced at $179.99. A little steep, but seeing as this is actually slightly more expensive than the European edition (with the game), it stands to reason that the version of RE7 included may be the Deluxe Edition. This would mean that a purchase would net you everything (everything being RE7′s base game, the Season Pass, and all of the Collector’s Edition content as well). It also looks like you can pre-order it right now.

Capcom has yet to actually unveil this thing to the public yet, which is surprising. The last time pre-order content was leaked, Capcom went ahead and announced it officially within hours. We don’t even know if the North American version of this set has the same content (as these collector’s editions have differed before – RE6‘s Collector’s Edition was exclusive to Europe, while NA got the Archives Edition). So yeah, if you were planning on Pre-ordering RE7‘s Deluxe Edition, maybe hold off until we know everything about this edition.

Of course, while we freak out about the West’s awesome Collector’s Edition of Resident Evil VII: Biohazard, Japan is getting one all their own.

We’ve known about Japan’s edition for quite some time now, it comes with a cubic buttload of stuff, and is very different from the Collector’s Edition we’re getting (at least as far as we know). It comes with a bag of coffee, a deck of spooky playing cards, a heat-sensitive replica coffee mug (which I can only assume appears in game) that has that black stuff from the Desolation trailer and Demo grow all over it when you pour hot liquid into it, a packet of rosemary seeds (the basis for RE7‘s version of green herbs) and a very tiny CD with 5 tracks from the game’s OST designed to look like the label on a Vinyl record. It’s actually pretty sweet looking, and has a really creepy looking dust-sleeve (which may actually be giving us a hint about the game’s story). Oh, and some extra shotgun ammo to use in-game.

Recently all of this stuff has been updated with more in-depth descriptions and even some videos showing the stuff in action. The most interesting one is probably a short video teasing the soundtrack’s contents. There’s three tracks, and they’re surprisingly interesting and unexpected. Have a listen.

The first track we’ve heard dozens of times now, although only in English beforehand. This recording of RE7’s creepy version of Go Tell Aunt Rhody is in Japanese, and I’d actually be really curious what the Japanese lyrics translate to. The second track is what really caught my attention. It’s clearly some of the more horror-oriented music from the game, possibly combat. But, unless I am quite mistaken, Aunt Rhody is here as well, with the grating horror sounds sort of chiseling out the same beat.

The third track is the one I really want to talk about though. It looks like RE7 is really going for the whole Louisianan thing, as this track is full-on Old-World Louie Jazz. It conjures up instant images of the king of Jazz, Louis Armstrong, as well as the heartbreaking anime film Metropolis. Yet again, this track is actually Go Tell Aunt Rhody, and despite how fun and upbeat it is, it gives me the serious creeps. I imagine this track will probably be played on a record player in game, with tons of crackly goodness over top of it.

Aunt Rhody is definitely this game’s theme, through and through. RE‘s done this a few times now, having one piece of music guide the score of the whole game. Residnet Evil 2‘s 1st Malformation of G is basically the entire score (used over and over again in different moods and keys), and Resident Evil 5 uses the original song Pray in various ways across the entire game’s score as well. Go Tell Aunt Rhody is the first time a licensed song has been used in this way, although it’s important to note that RE7‘s version has almost completely different lyrics. That’s not to say the original folk version isn’t freaking creepy, even Burl Ives can’t save it, but RE7‘s is notably more overtly sinister.

Regardless of where you’ll be purchasing RE7‘s collector’s edition, it looks like we’re all in for a ton of awesome collectible items. Personally, I’m more excited for the Western CE’s content, but they’re both awesome.


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