GamePro went hands-on with Silent Hill: Downpour: We summarized the most important facts

In their latest issue, the german GamePro magazine went hands-on with Silent Hill: Downpour at Vatra Games’ headquarters in Brno (Czech Republic). You can find  their impressions and some new information below:

– Out of the franchise, the guys at Vatra Games like Silent Hill 2 the most thus, they are orientating on that game.

– GamePro was intrigued by Dan Licht, the new composer who took Akira Yamaoka’s place. They say it sounds like “a modern version of Akira Yamaoka’s work”.

– The player will be put in various situations where he has to decide wether to help someone or let him die.

– The puzzles are “really nice” and vary.

– To prevent players from getting stuck, Murphy will talk to himself on the lowest difficulty level which will help players to find solutions to puzzles etc.

– There will be a bunch of quick time events, however the game will not support Kinect or Move.

– Combat and gameplay is pretty bad at this time of development, also the camera sometime moves like its being used “by a drunken monkey” Vatra promised to improve on that of course.

– The game will be semi-open world. You will be able to explore the city, take side quests, or move on with the main quest. However, the player cannot visit any place in Silent hill from the very beginning.

– There will be different endings.

Source: GamePro Issue 03/11

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