Frictional’s website updates to reveal SOMA

Frictional Games’ countdown website has now been updated to reveal some new information about their next game. Presumably called SOMA, the Amnesia¬†developer’s next game is sci fi based, taking place in a futuristic setting where a research team finds a strange machine during a salvage mission. The machine is said to be a monitor with a cluster of cables attached to itself. My bet, especially considering there’s a AI-ish image of a woman on the site, is that SOMA¬†will be taking a cue from System Shock and feature a very mean and scary AI.

The live action video on the official teaser site of the game shows an engineer examining the machine for several minutes. Near the end it begins to show her an image of herself, dead. Even with these skim details and a relatively tame video, Frictional has managed to make a CRT television covered in extension cords a scary thing. We should expect the website to continue to release content in the coming days ahead.


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