Frictional Games “looking into” porting past games to PS4

We recently spoke to Frictional Games’ Creative Director Thomas Grip for a comprehensive interview on SOMA‘s development and story (look for that soon), and during that interview we learned that the team is looking into bringing their past titles to consoles, with SOMA ushering in a new version of their in-house engine better suited to porting.

“We’re looking into it. Now that we have an engine running on PS4, we’re also looking into how easy it is to port, but we haven’t really decided yet,” said Thomas in our interview. “We have to look into it – what sort of problems might arise. So there’s always the chance of something that you thought that would be real easy turns out to be something that’s very time consuming. We’ll make an announcement when we know.”

While we hope these ports include the Penumbra series, it seems much more likely the incredibly popular Amnesia series will get priority. Amnesia: The Dark Descent was a big success for the studio, influencing the survival horror genre for years to come. Its sequel by The Chinese Room didn’t quite sell as well, but it too was a pretty darn good horror game. The more people that get to play the games the better. Hopefully Frictional announces something in the future!

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