Fortnite launches October event: Horde Bash - Rely on Horror

Fortnite launches October event: Horde Bash

Fortnite has funneled out their Survive the Storm event from September and will be adding a new one on October 5th called Horde Battle. Although it has similar features to their last survival event, this new one challenges players with a limited pool of resources and space to place them. Like Survive the Storm, the event will also feature new Scavenger tickets that can be use to roll 12 new weapons that (fittingly) looked scavenged together with duct tape and four new heroes.

Horde Battle launches on all Fortnite platforms this Thursday for a limited time. This event is exclusive to Early Access purchasers of the core PvE game and not the F2P Battle Royale mode. You can check out the trailer below and more details can be gleaned from their blog here.

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