Fortnite Accidentally Got Cross-platform Support

Epic Games’ survival / horde crafting game Fornite accidentally became the first cross-platform game to bridge the divide between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners. Players across the game’s forum and Reddit discovered that they were seeing usernames from the other console platform. This was noticeable due to formatting differences between console usernames, such as spaces being allowed on Xbox Live while not on PlayStation Network. Peace on Earth achieved, even if Sony had to have palpitations because of it.

Unfortunately, this was short lived as Epic Games issued a statement on the matter (as seen on Eurogamer) stating that such a glorious event was the result of a “configuration issue”. The functionality error has since been fixed.

Sony has been unwavering in their refusal to play ball and allow its users on PSN to play with those on the rival platform. Apparently cross-platform support is pretty easy to implement. Rocket League‘s developers have said in the past that they figured it out pretty quickly, and now we have Epic Games accidentally adding the support in. The only obstacle is Sony unfortunately.

Xbox head Phil Spencer spoke about the incident, and he once again shared his disappointment that such functionality couldn’t just remain on. Maybe someday, Phil. Maybe someday.

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