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Forgotten Memories headed to Wii U and Vita

Indie horror game Forgotten Memories, originally an iOS project, is headed to the Wii U and the Playstation Vita.  Its release is planned for this summer.  Psychoz Interactive, the group behind the project promises that the gameplay will be a mix between old-school and modern survival horror and will use a fear system at the core of the gameplay.

Forgotten Memories takes place in an old, isolated hospital.  Yes, it seems like a typical horror trope, but there’s a reason it’s used so often.  It works.

The game puts the player in the shoes of Rose Hawkins, an inspector trying to solve a murder and, at the same time, searching for a girl, who’s been kidnapped by a serial killer.  Rose isn’t afraid to break a few rules to get the job done, but her obsession with her work can often lead her into danger.

So that’s the lead character, what about the rest of the game?

From the game’s website:

The long corridors of the hospital were inlaid by a dark heaviness.  An inhuman laugh shook the walls, echoing grimly.  Breathless, a woman desperately ran, her feet silently pounding the blood soiled ground, trying to escape from the creatures who took pleasure of her fears.  A white angel, armed with a large dagger, appeared before her.  Panicked, the patient abruptly darted to the side, slipping on the moist ceramic.  She furiously shoved open the doors that blocked her path and froze, trapped.  Her terrified gaze raced across the room, hardly piercing the darkness.

The insistent footsteps of her pursuers grew louder as she rushed to the dirty fireplace to grab a wrought iron rod.  The damned angel pushed the door with a menacing delicacy.  The bare feet stopped in the middle of the dark chamber, scarlet drops crashing on the hideous rug.  The grip of the prey tightened on the weapon, nails digging into the hard surface.  The woman held her breath in fear and hurtled towards the abomination, a painful scream arose into the night.  Immediately silenced, leaving last sigh as a memory.

Everything seems abandoned – dirty floors, stained walls and old technology. As if everyone has left the hospital in a hurry, forgetting their belongings behind.  Something evil…inhuman is roaming the dark corridors.  Something it is better to avoid.  “You manage to survive until you find out that the hospital itself is evil.  Those deadly traps are everywhere.  The darkness hidesterrible secrets and everything is painted with the colour of blood.  You finally get out, only facing insourmountable gates trapping you in a gruesome yard where strong fog obscures your vision.  That is when you turn around and meet the most monstrous thing that you have ever seen.

There’s little else known about the game at this moment, save for some old footage from an iPad version.

We’ll bring you more news on Forgotten Memories as it becomes available.


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