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Five Years Later, DayZ Leaves Early Access

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The time has come. Bohemia Interactive’s zombie survival game (emphasis on survival) will soon leave early access after five years.

Bohemia announced today that DayZ 1.0 is set to arrive on December 13th, transitioning the game from beta to full launch. That means in addition to all of the new engine improvements, vehicles, persistent item storage, base building, mod support, and other features will be fully implemented.

Originally a mod for Bohemia Interactive’s ARMA 2, DayZ was created by Dean Hall and launched as a standalone game on December 13, 2013. DayZ was originally supposed to exit Steam early access much sooner as the game was conceived as a polished version of the mod. The team opted to create a more ambitious game, which led to them switching from the ARMA 2 engine to the Enfusion — an engine created to power the standalone version of DayZ and potentially future Bohemia games. Many fans would argue that the game should have been built on the ARMA 3 engine instead, if not to just save development time, but that was not the case.

Dean Hall departed from Bohemia Interactive and the DayZ development team in 2014 to launch his own studio, Rocketwerks. Earlier this year, DayZ creative director and lead producer Brian Hicks was the face of the game’s development for several years until he left the company last May to return to the United States. The most prominent member of the team currently is lead designer, Peter Nespešný.

Are you or were you a fan of DayZ? Will you be revisiting it next week when it officially launches? Let us know in the comments.


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