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Dean Hall leaving DayZ

While he insists that he will be working on the game until the end of the year, longer if required, Dean Hall will be stepping down as the head of the DayZ at the end of the year.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Hall explains his decision:

I am a grenade.  I have a specific use.  I’m really good at risk taking and making other people take risks.  I’ve always been good at that in my life.  Like you say, maybe I’ve got the gift of the gab, so I can talk.  I can explain something.  I can talk people up to the ledge and get them to jump off it.

That’s what I did with DayZ; I’ve done it twice now – two new code teams have separately done it.

But eventually, that’s the bad person to have.  Eventually you don’t want the guy telling you to go over the top and get through.  So at some point I’ll be a disaster for the project, at least in a leadership role.

Hall is planning on returning home to New Zealand to head his own studio there and admitted that he wasn’t intending on staying with Bohemia and working on DayZ for as long as he did.

Originally I wasn’t going to do this year, but it would be stupid not to and would be unfair to the community.  I have to be on the project as long as it’s important to.  Whether that role is as the leader, whether that role is in a more creative sense…But at a certain point there will be diminishing returns.

He further states that he wants to make the ultimate multiplayer game at some time in his career.  While that’s all well and good, having dreams and whatnot, Hall doesn’t believe that DayZ is the best multiplayer game that he can make.  That it was never really intended to be.  He admits that the aim of making ‘best game ever’ may not ever be achievable, he says that it helps him aspire to work for bigger and better things while always being very critical of all of the work he’s done.

It’s easy to be critical of your work, but when you’re overly critical of your own accomplishments, you may never see the full value of things that you’ve created that are really good, great even.  In the end, DayZ  just may be the ultimate online multiplayer game for some people out there.

Hall believes that in a year’s time, the game will be feature-complete and would include better server performance, stability and security, animals and hunting, cooking and gathering resources, playable user customizable vehicles, player created construction, more complex interactions with the environment and crafting options, streamlined user actions and interface, control and animations expanded and improvised for fluidity, an upgraded graphics and physics engine and support for user mods and more flexibility for hosted servers and game types.

What do you think of Hall leaving the DayZ project at the end of the year?


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