Five Nights At Freddy's World Teaser Trailer Released - Rely on Horror

Five Nights At Freddy’s World Teaser Trailer Released

Oh. Well, um… this is different.

Scott Cawthon’s YouTube shattering horror franchise, Five Nights at Freddy’s is going in a very, very different direction with its latest installment, Five Nights at Freddy’s World. We had reported on this when it was first announced, and there was a lot of speculation as to what kind of game it was going to be. Five Nights is a pretty messed up series, with a dark and grisly story hidden within subtext of each installment- murdered children, animatronic animal people stuffed with corpses, and lots more that is left up to the speculation of fans.

So Five Nights World is a little bit of a surprise. I’m willing to bet that there’s still going to be plenty screwed up in this game, left in secret for the fans to discover, but until then… Five Nights goes cute.

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