Five Nights at Freddy’s Fan Series Begins Surprisingly Great

I hadn’t heard about this until just this morning, but I’m really impressed.

Created by GoldenLane Studio and based on Scott Cawthon’s world-dominating series of horror games, Five Nights at Freddys: The Series has just released its first episode on YouTube, and is… surprisingly great. I’ve never play FNAF, and honestly don’t really plan too. Not because of an aversion or dislike of the series, but because thanks to Game Theory and other YouTube shows I think I’ve pretty much gotten as much out of it as I can. But this short YouTube video, which is interactive through annotations, isn’t an adaption or just generic recreation of the type of thing that we’ve already seen in the game, but a full fledged, worst-case scenario sequel to the events of the original Five Nights game.

I do have to admit, it ends up feeling more like something out of Resident Evil, and the voices (that’s right, voices) of the Fazzbear gang sound… not amazing, but honestly, for a fan project, this is excellent. My best guess is it was made with Source Filmmaker, something about the quality of the lighting and the smoothness of the animation, but these guys didn’t settle for just making it look like the game. It looks like the BioShock 2 of the original game. FazzBear and friends are noticeably re-designed, and all appear more grotesque and messed up than they have in the games. The choice comes at the end of the first half of the episode, and it’s even more incredible that there’s two different, very different second halves based on your decision.

I have to say, I’m really impressed. I hope they continue to produce these without getting some kind of C&D, because I’d love to see where this interpretation of the FNAF story goes.


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