First Look at System Shock Reimagined

Here’s Your First Look at System Shock Reimagined


Night Dive Studios, the team that retooled the original System Shock and put it out on Steam as System Shock Enhanced Edition, has gone back to the original cyberpunk adventure to add a little more than up-ressed textures.

In an interview with Polygon’s Allegra Frank, Night Dive Studios’ CEO Stephen Kirk outlined their latest System Shock endeavor, System Shock Reimagined.

“We have been in contact with members of the original System Shock team and any future iterations of the System Shock games, and by this I mean both new titles in the series as well as major updates to the existing games, will be very true to the spirit of the originals,” Kick said to Polygon.

The remake is being developed in Unity. For full side-by-side comparisons, check out the full article on Polygon.




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