First Look At Resident Evil 7’s ‘Not A Hero’ DLC

Before we even start, I gotta be clear: This whole DLC is a massive spoiler for Resident Evil 7, so if you haven’t finished the game, you will not want to read the rest of this article. I’m serious. Stop. Now.

So yeah, for those of you still here, I’m sure we’re all very intrigued about the upcoming Not A Hero DLC. The DLC was shown off in a day one update image added to the end of the main game’s credit sequence, and will be starring… ‘Chris Redfield’. I’m firmly in the camp that this character is in no way Chris, not a Chris gone rogue, not a clone of Chris, not nothin’. I don’t believe this character is actually Chris, despite the credits calling him Chris, and Capcom’s own marketing of these new images calling him Chris as well. The best way to hide a secret is to basically just lie about it, and I believe ‘Chris’, and Capcom, are lying for the sake of holding a mystery, especially as nearly every single last element of RE7 was spoiled weeks before the game’s actual release. But we simply have no way of really knowing the truth until we get to play the DLC, which is coming out sometime this spring.

The new images show off a full body shot of ‘Chris’, wearing the same style uniform as the Umbrella Corps., and aiming the customized Albert Wesker’s S.T.A.R.S. Samurai Edge (or the Albert-01) from the ending of the game. Worth noting the complete lack of imagery or patches on his character. Not Umbrella Corps. (although the outfit 3A-7 wears in the Experiment campaign from Umbrella Corps. also lacks any logos or anything, they’re simply something that can be added to your multiplayer avatar) logos, nor B.S.A.A., the sleeve is noticeably blank. Doesn’t necessarily mean anything, just interesting.

The second is a close-up of his face, looking grim. I don’t really have much to say about it. I’d point out that his eyes are brown, but Chris’ eyes have actually changed color dozens of times, going from blue to greenish to brown to blue again over the course of REmake to Revelations 2. Eye color is weird in video games. Phoenix Wright has gone through a similar eye crisis, except his eyes are brown in Japan and blue in America. Weird.

The third and final image is perhaps the most interesting to me, for a few reasons. First of all, it appears to be a continuation of the main campaign’s final cutscene, still being seen from Ethan’s perspective, as Chris turns to look at the remains of Eveline. There are very few third-person sequences in RE7, and none of them are actually of the player character, so I’m willing to bet Ethan hasn’t gotten on the helicopter yet, but who knows. It’s also interesting to note that ‘Chris’ is clearly wearing a Zombie Jammer backpack, one of the essential pieces of equipment in Umbrella Corps.. Doubt it would have much use against Eveline (who’s dead) or any surviving Molded. Maybe UC soldiers just wear them all the time.

So there’s all that. I’m really looking forward to some answers about this character. It remains to be seen. Again, this is coming in the spring, and even better it will be completely free across all platforms (and as far as I know it will be released the same day on everything too, unlike the Banned Footage chapters, which were exclusive to PS4 for a few weeks). We’ll keep you updated on any new information, and hopefully, we’ll get a real release date soon.


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