First Look At Melted Man From Daymare: 1998

Daymare: 1998

Daymare: 1998 was born as a remake made by fans of the original Resident Evil 2. Now as we move closer to the game’s release, we’re given new looks at this enigmatic title, most recently with one of its new enemies: Melted Man. If you still do not know about this project, then you better not take your eyes off it.

Daymare: 1998 offers an experience very similar to that of the classic survival horror of the 90s. In the midst of an epidemic caused by a deadly virus, we will put ourselves in the shoes of three characters who will try to survive the horror caused by the scientific disaster. On the one hand, we will have Liev, special agent of HADES — a soldier of Russian descent perfectly trained for any situation. There will also be Raven, a former NASA member pilot, who was discharged after a failed mission. And finally, we will have Samuel — a Ranger who suffers from the so-called Daymare Syndrome.

These three characters will face many different enemies in Daymare: 1998. The Melted Man, also known as “Melty Harry,” which has been featured in a new trailer, is a horrifying and deformed creature (Tarman, anyone?). I’m curious about the relationship the Melted Man (Harry) has with the virus and whether it’s a recurring enemy throughout this adventure. Hopefully, Invader Studios will continue to reveal more details.

When the development of Resident Evil 2 by Capcom became official, Invader Studios were forced to change this project and transform it into Daymare: 1998. Capcom was quite surprised by the work that was done by Invader Studios, so much so that they decided to invite its members to their Osaka headquarters so that they could enjoy Resident Evil 2 first. It will be interesting to see whether Daymare: 1998 can stand by its own merits and deliver a satisfying experience much like Resident Evil 2 gave us just a few months ago.

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