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Fans Find Twin Peaks Easter Egg in REmake 2

Huh, guess they’re fans. Or at least someone on the team is. Twin Peaks has influenced a ton of other media, from The X-Files to Silent Hill, but I’d be hard pressed to find much in the way of its DNA in the Resident Evil series. Nevertheless, looks like someone on the REmake 2 team wanted to pay a subtle homage to the classic surrealist horror drama. Twitter user (AKA BSAArklay) has been digging through REmake 2s data for weeks now, finding hidden textures, getting us closer looks at stuff we can just barely make out while playing, and unused art buried in the code. In amongst this, they took a peek at the textures for the photos and notes located in the RPD morgue, and low and behold, a familiar (if deliberately blurred) face appeared.

For those not in the know, this is the face of Laura Palmer, the central figure that acts as the thread that unravels all of Twin Peaks darkest secrets. She is revealed in the very first episode as a corpse, washed up on the shore of Black Lake, near the Great Northern Hotel and Packard’s Mill. Her haunting visage is burned into the mind of any fan of the series, and its appearance here is undoubtedly not a fluke. The fact that it’s the only photo that’s mostly obscured in the morgue is also telling. The other photos overlap to a degree, but her photo is almost completely covered.

Video games throw in pop culture references all the time, and they’re always fun to look for. From cute nods like Mortal Kombat 11s Blade Runner quotes to The Shinings Redrum being written on some boards covering a window in the original RE2, they’re everywhere. Or there’s stuff like Life is Strange where you actually start to wonder if anything isn’t a reference. I wonder what else could be hidden in REmake 2 because sometimes it’ll take years to find certain things (I still count the ScareCrow broadcasts in Batman: Arkham City to be one of the creepiest Easter eggs of all time, and it wasn’t discovered until three years after release). Hell, one Easter egg in RE4 took 12 years to discover, it was so well hidden.

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