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Fans are Remaking Resident Evil: Gaiden in RE2 ’98

Underappreciated at the time and weirdly reviled now, Resident Evil Gaiden continues to stand as one of the more bizarre but no less ambitious chapters in Resident Evil history. From its unique gunplay (which was more akin to a rhythm game) to the surprisingly detailed graphics, Gaiden is a game I genuinely enjoy for what it is, having played it dozens of times now. Capcom themselves seem to have a special fondness for it, as almost every idea it had has been adapted into series canon (Barry adopting a child survivor, Leon becoming infected, an outbreak on a boat, the formation of the anti-Umbrella group, etc). It seems like a group of dedicated fans love this game as well, and are making an effort to remake it as a mod for Resident Evil 2 (1998) on PC:

The Resident Evil Gaiden Remake mod is shockingly ambitious, aiming to recreate the original as faithfully as possible, including character models, locations, and cutscenes. From the team’s press release:

This will be a new mod created using the PC Resident Evil 2 (1998) as it’s engine of choice. It will be a faithful recreation of the Game Boy Color original however it will also feature an ‘Arrange Mode’ which will have things slightly changed to fit into the existing RE lore. Obviously, there will be some compromises which will have to be made which is to be expected when there’s no open-source code and no official tools for development however we aim to create a fun playable recreation.

Aydan Watkins, Resident Evil Gaiden Remake

This mod is very welcome in my opinion, and we’ll be keeping our eyes open for more information. They’ve also released a few screenshots, showcasing environments, the lady zombie model, and the models for Barry, Leon, and Lucia, shown below. If you’d like to send support their way, you can donate to the team’s PayPal, and follow the game’s progress via the mod’s Twitter page.


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