Erotic Horror Game Lust For Darkness Now on Steam Greenlight


In this era of first person experiences it seems that no subject matter is off limits. From Gone Home to The Park, independent studios have been tackling important issues to varying degrees of success, and exploring new storytelling possibilities in video games along the way. Lunar Cult Studios BDSM-themed Lust for Darkness looks to push that envelope further.

Inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft and the paintings of surrealist Polish artist Zdzisław Beksiński, Lust for Darkness uses heavy erotic and occult themes to tell the story of a psychological journey between two worlds. The game’s Steam Greenlight trailer shows off lush mansion interiors, decadent nude statues, and a foreboding dungeon with bondage gear. There are also some inter-dimensional tentacles as well.

Horror games are no stranger to sexual themes, such as in Silent Hill 2, but we have yet to see an experience with this kind of subject matter make an impact in the modern gaming climate. Here’s hoping Lunar Cult Studios makes this an erotic ride with themes worth exploring.

You can check out Lust for Darkness’ Steam page here, and view the full NSFW trailer down below. For development updates, you can follow the game’s Facebook and Twitter.

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