Preview: BioShock Infinite

After its two deep sea predecessors the third entry in the popular BioShock series will shoot you into the sky, literally. At E3 we got the chance to see a 20 minute gameplay presentation of the highly anticipated 2012 title.

The presentation starts with Booker DeWitt meeting Elizabeth high up in the clouds of Columbia. They tour around in a store jokingly until the whole building seems to fall apart. Soon after, Elizabeth first introduces her powers. For whatever reason she is able to move things, change reality, however her “ability” doesn’t appear to be matched out completely as she cannot control it fully.

Elizabeth’s power can also be used to create entrances, hold on time, and get new items.

They both move on and soon the revolution on Columbia starts with inhabitants throwing molotov cocktails on ComStock banners, a riot begins. More and more people are raving up against their government until someone recognises Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth.

From here on, everything shown in the demo is nothing but totally breathtaking. Booker can use a hook to hang himself into the various skyramps connecting Columbia. Foes appear, shooting starts, Booker goes up the skyramps, jumps down, seemingly into nowhere, but somewhere there always is a ramp to hang on to. Bookers foes also use the skyramps though which leads to an intense fight over the clouds.

After this “rollercoaster ride” Elizabeth brings it to the point. “What you just did, that was amazing.”

We cannot agree more. Irrational Games replaces the dark underwater world Raptor with an enormously colorful and wonderfully looking city above the skies in the year 1912.

The demo didn’t last long, but we immediately wanted to hang ourselves into one of these skyramps, shooting foes coming from all directions. Simply said: It looked like loads of fun and we were just watching…

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