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E3 2019: Tripwire Announces Maneater, Jaws Inspired RPG


That’s right, you read that title correctly. Tripwire, the Killing Floor guys, are making a shark game called Maneater. The game will center around the playable shark that seemingly goes on a senseless killing rampage in the Gulf Coast.

Given the self-applied label of action RPG, I suspect there will be some level of upgrade system and customization, but the game will probably play much like a shark version of Grand Theft Auto. As a side note, in the screenshot above, the logo for Horizon, the organization responsible for the Zed outbreaks in Killing Floor, can be seen on one of the skyscrapers as a cute little easter egg. I guess this confirms that Maneater serves as a prequel then?

Interestingly enough, there actually used to be an officially licensed Jaws game, a couple of them actually, with the latest one being Jaws Unleashed released back in 2006. The game features practically identical gameplay and story premise except will almost certainly be comparably archaic to Tripwire’s new project.

Maneater has no official release date as of now and will be coming to Steam, but unfortunately, it is indeed a timed Epic exclusive for the first year after launch. This pretty much kills any chance of me picking it up right away (I seriously can’t uninstall the launcher, I tried, they’re keeping me hostage). It is unknown if there will be any plans for a console release, but if the game is successful enough I could see it getting ported over sometime after release.

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