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E3 2019: Arizona Sunshine Gets New DLC, Coming to Oculus Quest

I’m pretty impressed by the longevity of Arizona Sunshine. While I played (and was largely unimpressed by) the PSVR version, I’ve heard (and seen) amazing things about the PC version. Despite coming out all the way back in 2016, it’s still receiving DLC and general support. I can think of a few big AAA games that haven’t even had that level of dedication from their developers. Just announced, an all-new DLC chapter is coming, The Damned. Check out the trailer:

The DLC is set before the previous DLC (which was, in turn, set before the events of Arizona Sunshine as a whole), and sees us attempt to retake a dam from an army of undead. The area is apparently enormous, which is awesome, and like the last DLC, we’ll be playing a soldier, not some random asshole like the main campaign. It sounds like a lot of fun, and I just wish that the PSVR version wasn’t held back by the tech of the system so much so I could really enjoy it. Maybe CJ will get the DLC, though, and let us know his thoughts. Anyway, the DLC only has a vague “summer” release date, which is playing it pretty close to the chest considering there’s only like… two and a half months of summer left.

Next up, Arizona Sunshine has also been announced to be coming to the Oculus Quest, which is pretty cool That also got a trailer, although the mere seconds it lasts isn’t really enough to gauge much about it. I’m sure it’ll be fine, though.

We’ll keep you informed as more comes out regarding this DLC. Hopefully, a release date (and price) gets announced soon.


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