E3 2019: Arizona Sunshine Developer Teases their Chilly New Game

forward to the past

Vertigo Games, the folks behind one of the biggest VR titles around, Arizona Sunshine, appears to have a new horror game on the horizon. The developer today teased their new game with a website donning the title (or tagline) of “Forward to the past.”

The mysterious website greets players with a countdown on top of a backdrop that features a distorted monitor on a table caked in ice. The machine is partially broken and snow is flowing heavily around it. The screen of the monitor fluctuates with static, and if you stare long enough, a spiked baseball bat briefly appears. Vertigo teased the game by calling it their “biggest VR game yet.”

Forward to the Past looks to be leaving the sunny state of Arizona behind, and I can’t help but hope it’s another VR horror game and also inspired by The Thing. But that’s all wishful thinking. We’ll know more about this mysterious game next week.

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