Arizona Sunshine to Receive New Story DLC

arizona sunshine dlc

Vertigo Games’ zombie VR title Arizona Sunshine ain’t dead yet. Despite releasing in December 2016, owners of the game can expect an all-new story expansion with the upcoming “The Damned” DLC — which is set on a dam. It’s a pun!

Arizona Sunshine – The Damned will put players in the shoes (and behind the eyes) of a new US Special Forces protagonist and is set some time before the events of the base game and its Dead Man DLC. They will be tasked with exploring an infested damn and reactivating its generators.

As your team sets out, terrifying events unfold that leave you to complete your mission on your own. Make your way up, over and inside the massive structure in an effort to stop the spread of the apocalypse in its tracks with no more than your commander’s voice over the radio to keep you company. Your relationship could use some work, and crippled with a fear of heights and a healthy dread of flesh-eating undead crawling away in the depths of a dark, damp megastructure, you have seen better days…

The Damned will release as a downloadable chapter for Arizona Sunshine later this summer for PC VR headsets (Oculus, Steam VR, and Windows Mixed Reality) and PlayStation VR. A price has not yet been disclosed.

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