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E3 2018: Devil May Cry V Announced (Update: New Details and Screenshots)

Devil May Cry V

Devil May Cry V is here. Capcom took to the Microsoft stage to announce the next formal fifth entry in the series, and holy crap. Devil May Cry V appears to be a combination of design and tone of the original series and Ninja Theory’s DmC — this has me incredibly excited. DmC is a damn good game, don’t @ me.

Our baby boy Nero is all grown up, sporting a sleek new haircut as he takes up the Devil May Cry business from Dante. He’s got a new partner, a southern woman that clearly doesn’t take any sass, and a trusty modified arm. The trailer shows Nero and his partner enter a city infested with demons, and the graphics are stunning. Perhaps the RE Engine is being used here as well.

Devil May Cry V looks to honor the original series while taking some cues from Ninja Theory’s controversial reboot. That is the absolute best thing they could have done, so my interest level has risen from a “meh” to “GIVE IT TO ME NOW!” Details are scarce, but we’ll likely learn more in the coming days. Are you hype?

Update: Capcom has officially detailed some aspects of the game through a press release. Devil May Cry V will hit Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in Spring 2019. The game will run on the RE Engine “achieve new heights in fidelity, featuring ground-breaking graphics that utilize photorealistic character designs and stunning lighting and environmental effects.” Three playable character will be available. The story is detailed as such:

Several years have passed in Devil May Cry 5 and the threat of demonic power, long since forgotten, has returned to menace the world once again. The demonic invasion begins with the seeds of a “demon tree” taking root in Red Grave City. This hellish incursion attracts the attention of the young demon hunter, Nero, an ally of Dante who now finds himself without his demonic arm, the source of much of his power. As Nero heads to Red Grave City in his motorhome named “Devil May Cry” with his partner Nico, he ruminates on how everything started. The loss of his demonic arm, the demonic invasion, and Dante’s unknown whereabouts. Things must be settled once and for all.

Update 2: Inside Xbox released a new gameplay video with additional info from Director Hideaki Itsuno. DMCV will also be playable at Gamescom.

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