E3 2017: Transference, a new VR project from Ubisoft and SpectreVision

Ubisoft is teaming up the film production company SpectreVision on a new VR experience set for Spring 2018 called Transference. Starring Macon Blair (as seen in the video below), the game will have you piece together a family’s history within a mysterious house and depending on your choices, determine their fates. Revealed just an hour ago during Ubisoft’s E3 conference, there’s not much in terms of visuals besides some live action recordings. Transference is coming to the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Playstation VR. A listing for the Xbox One was also provided but it’s not known what capacity that version will exist in.

SpectreVision was founded in 2010 and their most recent film was the critically divided The Greasy Strangler (which we also have a commentary track on).

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