E3 2017: First The Evil Within 2 Gameplay Shown In New Trailer (Update: HD version released)


After last night’s exciting announcement that The Evil Within 2 is coming this year, we already have a gameplay trailer giving us an idea what to expect the latest horror survival romp from Bethesda and Shinji Mikami.

Though short, the gameplay trailer is packed full of things for fans to try and make sense of. Gameplay looks similar to the first entry, as Sebastian Castellanos makes his way through mind bending environments avoiding industrial deathtraps and stealth-killing inhuman monstrosities. We get a look at his personal struggle to find his daughter, and we see the return of the mysterious white liquid that has dominated The Evil Within 2‘s marketing so far. Something tells me it’s not just milk.

If this trailer is any indication, The Evil Within 2 will also be staying true to the first game’s visually arresting enemy designs. The trailer shows off a good variety of enemies, including same standard zombie-types, faster spider-like enemies, and a couple of towering monstrosities. I counted at least nine individual enemy designs, which bodes well for the upcoming game’s variety if this is the selection they’ve decided to lead with.

You can take a look at the trailer down below. We’ll update it with the official non-ripped version when Bethesda releases it. For more on The Evil Within 2‘s official announcement, you can check right here.

Update: A new story trailer has gone live as well. This one is narrated by Juli Kidman, who no longer appears to be voiced by Jennifer Carpenter. Check out the trailer below.

Update 2: Seems like Bethesda isn’t too keen on these videos dropping ahead of their say so. The two videos have been removed from Amazon and our hosting of the Story trailer (and probably soon the gameplay trailer) has been taken down.

Update 3: Finally, an official video straight from the horse’s mouth. Take a look.

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