E3 2016: Days Gone Announced for Playstation - Rely on Horror

E3 2016: Days Gone Announced for Playstation

Days Gone Screen

The second trailer shown at the Sony Conference this year finally shed a light on the trademark Sony and Bend Entertainment filed for Days Gone earlier this year. The graphics, story, and enemies bear an uncanny resemblance to The Last of Us, bringing a deeply personal story to a post-outbreak America rife with zombies. These infected are incredibly fast and travel in massive packs, though there seem to be ways to evade their attention as well.

Days Gone follows the story of a biker after an apocalyptic infection creates masses of violent undead, traversing a world that nature has reclaimed. He lost the woman he loves and id drifting among other lost souls, hanging onto humanity by a thread. The story looks a bit familiar, but the Sons of Anarchy twist could make it interesting. The several-hundred-strong hordes will certainly keep it from becoming too stale. Either way, it’s going to be a long wait. The trademark was filed in January 2016, and the trailer did not specify a projected release date.

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