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E3 2014: Dead Island 2 revealed

Officially announced today during Sony’s E3 press conference, Dead Island 2 is the proper sequel to the series, as opposed to Riptide.  In proper Dead Island form, there’s a neat trailer with a jumpy tune this time to commemorate the announcement.

Probably a good idea not to go for a jog when you’ve got a bite like that.  What, did you think putting a sweatband over it would make it disappear?  And not seriously hurt?! Amateurs.

The zombie apocalypse has spread from the island of Banaoi and hit the California coast.  the United States military put the Golden State on full quarantine turning it into a restricted zone.  California has now become a bloody paradise for those who refused to leave their homes and an action-packed playground for those who seek adventure, glory and a fresh start.  Not so sure how you can start fresh when there are zombies strolling around…

Check out the official website for Dead Island 2 and stick around for more details as they develop.

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