E3 2010: Alan Wake ‘The Signal’ trailer

Remedy has released a new trailer for their upcoming DLC for Alan Wake: The Signal. Before getting to the actual content of the footage it’s worth noting that this new episode will be available free of charge, to those who purchase the game new. And it will hit the digital shelves on July 27. So now on to the footage.

We see the titular character continue forth on two paths, one being the one before him in the form of the eerie Bright Falls forest, and the other more internal route delving him deeper into insanity as Remedy has stated before. Not only does Bright Falls make a comback, which was obvious, but so does a gameplay mechanic introduced in the final chapter of the main game. So fans of bringing words to life with the light of their flashlights should be pleased to know that the said feature will be further exploited in this new episode.

Watch it for yourselves, enjoy! And stay tuned for more coverage.


(the link appears to be broken but should momentarily be fixed)

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