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Dust Off Your Backlog for Four in February 2016

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It’s probably enormous. It’s probably keeps you up at night when you’re all alone. It’s embarrassing, and it’s not something you like to admit. We need to talk about your backlog.

Backlogs suck, they’re nigh-tangible evidence of our fleeting free time, and our limited existence on this Earth. Too many games to play, and not enough time to play them. Three years ago, former video gaming site, Joystiq, started a cool tradition that would transcend their own publication, Four in February. 4iF is a month-long event in which gamers across the world take time away from their loved ones and knock out four games off of their backlogs.

So, what are the rules? There are no rules.

Grab any game that you haven’t started yet, got halfway through and put it down, or that expansion that you bought on sale that one time. 4iF is a celebration of games, and players are encouraged to have fun with it. Participants of 4iF motivate each other via the official 4iF Facebook page, and Facebook event. Players can also follow the #4iF hashtag on Twitter.

Here’s what some participants are playing throughout the month, starting with my four.

4iF 2016

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Good luck! May your backlog be a little slimmer come months end.

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