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DOOM Campaign Trailer Leaked, Looks Like A Hell Of A Good Time (Update: It’s gone)

Everybody sing the Doom Song!

While Bethesda’s marketing for the soon to be released DOOM has been focusing on multiplayer and the general aesthetic of the new DOOM Universe, we really don’t know much about the game’s story. Aside from DOOM 3’s hours of audio logs , the franchise was never really known for its storytelling, coming from the dawn of the 2.5D shooter when action and fun was the main point. I’m still unsure as to how story driven this new entry will be, but this new story trailer, which leaked a little ahead of schedule, gives us at least a few lines to go on.

Surprisingly, it looks like this may actually be a real follow up to Doom 3, or at least the original two DOOMs not a full-on reboot. The scary voice tells us that we’re the only one to have ever walked both plains of existence, our world, and theirs (I.E. Hell). This is just conjecture¬†based on the dialogue in the trailer, but I don’t see a point in bringing it up unless we’re that same DOOM Guy. Guess we’ll find out later, for now, check out the trailer to get some good vibes.

Alrighty, I know they’ve been using the song almost exclusively with their marketing, but after it’s absence in DOOM 3, it’s really awesome to here DOOM E1-M1 again. You know, the DOOM Song. It was also seeing the classic style DOOM cover art that’s the alternate for the game’s box recreated at the end.

We’ll keep you updated as more Hellish news becomes available, and look for our review when the game drops May 13th.

Update: The trailer has been taken down. Instead, you might just want to watch this hour+ overview by Bethesda themselves.

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