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DLC announced for Dead Rising 2: Off The Record

Dead Rising 2: Off The Record was announced as a new take on the Dead Rising 2 game. Instead of Chuck Greene, Frank West is now the playable character. The game promises to have new areas despite taking place in Fortune City, new weapons, and a new story. Whether the game can be categorized as “should have been DLC” remains to be seen.

The game that is supposed to be packed with more content than the last probably will be, but why not sell some of that content on the side? Four DLC costumes will be sold when Off The Record releases. Instead of just being in the game to begin with, they will be sold for 160MSP ($2.00) each. They could have at least announced the DLC after the games’s release to create the illusion of giving us fresh new content.

Like in Dead Rising 2, each costume pack will give the player bonus attributes. Only the cardboard warrior pack has been announced for North America, but it’s a safe bet that the other content will make it here as well.

[Source, via Joystiq]

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