Devil May Cry Gets Switch Release Date

Devil May Cry

Ever since the Switch released, there had been a tremendous push for third-party studios to port their games to Nintendo’s latest platform. Capcom has been more than happy to meet the demand with ports of almost the entire Resident Evil franchise and Ace Attorney. It seems now that Devil May Cry is next on the list.

Announced via Youtube earlier today, Devil May Cry 1 will be launching in the west on June 24th and in the east June 26th for $19.99 on the Nintendo eShop (so no physical if that matters to you). There are no other details as to whether or not the game will run at the same graphical fidelity as the latest PS4/Xbox One ports of the HD Collection.

There is no official confirmation of the following, but considering how there is a demand and Capcom’s track record, it is only a matter of time before DMC2-DMC3 get ports as well (probably for the same price point), and maybe even DMC4. Since id was able to get Doom on the Switch working, I suppose DMC5 is within the realm of possibility, although Capcom has yet to port some of their more recent and more graphically intensive titles like Resident Evil 7.

While I’m happy that even more people will have access to the series, I can’t really encourage anyone to pick up this version for this price as you can literally buy the full HD collection for just an extra $10 on any other platform (even cheaper if you shop smart). Seeing how the game is already on most home consoles, I would only ever consider the Switch port if it is your only option to play the game.

You can read our review of the most recent release, Devil May Cry 5 here.

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