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Devil May Cry 5 To Receive Manga Prequel

Visions of V

As many of you know, Devil May Cry 5 released just yesterday and to critical acclaim, but if you’ve already finished the game and are clamoring for more, then you’ll be happy to know the fact that Devil May Cry 5 will be receiving a manga prequel. Not much is known at the moment outside of the fact that the manga will focus on the newest addition to the cast of playable characters having been titled, ‘Visions of V.’ With that in mind, we can probably guess that the story will flesh out V’s backstory further. Fortunately, one of the advertisements shows a preview of some of the comic panels, giving a better idea of what the artwork will look like.

The first edition of the manga is set to release in Japan on April 27th on the region exclusive LINE service, although there is no word of an English release, I suspect that one is inevitable. Depending on how popular a manga series is, a localization can take as little as a few months or take up to several years (if at all). Seeing how big of a release Devil May Cry 5 is for the company, my guess is that it will be localized by the end of the year.

Have you gotten to play Devil May Cry 5 yet, or are you suffering like me, waiting for the game to come in the mail? And most importantly, are you looking forward to the Visions of V? Let us know in the comments below.

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