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Death Stranding PC Trailer Shows News Features + Half-Life Crossover

The very unique action game Death Stranding saw its initial release on the PS4 in November 2019 and polarized gamers around the globe with its repetitive yet strangely satisfying gameplay loop that one has to try for oneself. With the PC port’s release date on July 14th being just around the corner, Hideo Kojima himself tweeted a trailer that focuses on showing-off the exclusive pre-order bonuses (which we also reported on in this article) and features of the PC version; one of them being added widescreen support. While showing off several included hats, we were also given the first glimpse of a Half-Life crossover event with images of Norman Reedus’ character donning a stylish Headcrab-hat. A higher resolution version of the trailer is available on Gamestop’s YouTube channel.

The added ultra-widescreen support will certainly be a welcome addition for gamers with setups that include ultra-wide screens and the like, while fans of the game’s art direction can appreciate the art book and expanded original score. The bonus pack is rounded off with several stylish visual customization options, with an emphasis on hats. Yes, hats.

It will certainly be interesting, how the game will fare among PC users, both in terms of scoring and sales-wise. If you are also pondering a pre-order you can get the PC version of Death Stranding on Steam as well as on the Epic Games Store. Alternatively, you can also check out 505 Games’ official pre-order website.

The PC exclusive bonus features, as listed in the trailer, are the following:

  • Widescreen support
  • Selections from the titan art book (digital)
  • Original score expanded edition (digital)
  • Gold & silver all-terrain skeleton
  • Gold & silver armor plate lvl 1
  • “Ludens mask” sunglasses (chiral gold & omnireflector)
  • Gold &silver power skeleton
  • and more hats (sic!)


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