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Kojima Emphasizes The Theme Of Connection In Death Stranding

Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima made an appearance at the latest Tribeca Film Festival and ended up teasing his upcoming game Death Stranding. While Kojima didn’t divulge anything too crazy, he did give out a few tidbits of information while reiterating some of what we already know.

Kojima emphasized that Death Stranding will be about the concept of connections, dealing with the dynamic between solitude and interpersonal connection; as an example, he pointed out that the internet, comprised of many connected individuals, is both. As we know already, the game will be an open world action game with an online component, with deeply intertwined gameplay mechanics and story. Taking all this into consideration, Kojima’s claim that “everyone will be connected” makes me feel that how players engage with the game will affect other’s experiences, as well as the game’s story itself.

Of course, all of the details are incredibly vague. We don’t even know if the aforementioned ‘online component’ means that we’ll be directly playing alongside other players in the game world or not. While Death Stranding is definitely dealing with some cool ideas and themes, I think it’s time that the game becomes a more material experience that people can actually see and play, instead of a collection of abstract ideas left open to interpretation.

Fortunately, Kojima did also hint that more Death Stranding news may come out within the next two months. Despite Sony opting out of E3 this June, I wouldn’t be surprised if they made some big announcements around that time. If they do, I fully expect Death Stranding to be among them.


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