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Death Stranding Launch Trailer is a Bit Spoiler-y

The moment is finally upon us as Hideo Kojima’s insane looking Death Stranding nears the final few days before release. Years of bizarre, otherworldly imagery and deliberately disconnected story elements shown in trailers have all been leading to this, the final trailer before launch. Kojima is a master of constructing a good trailer, and all of the trailers for Metal Gears Solid 5 were simply incredible (clocking in at over 30 minutes total, they’re an art worth watching all by themselves). I’ve been enjoying the drip-feed of information Death Stranding has been allotting us in its trailers, and have always looked forward to the next one. That said, the final trailer before launch has dropped and… to be honest maybe don’t watch it — this is the first trailer that actually makes the story pretty blatant. You’ve been warned.

While it’s to be expected we’d get at least a little more info right before launch as one last little punch to get some hype built up, but I can’t be the only one a bit sorry they watched, right? Coming in at just over seven and a half minutes it’s hard to not feel incredibly spoiled by this. I’m a big proponent of going in with as little information as possible, it’s something we’ve praised other games for when they allow marketing to be ambiguous. Hopefully this didn’t actually give away as much of Death Stranding as I think it did, but the only way to be sure is to play.

Death Stranding releases on PS4 November 8th, followed by a PC port at some point in early 2020 .

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