Death Stranding Confirmed for PC Release

death stranding pc

Just mere days before Death Stranding releases on PlayStation 4, Kojima Productions announced today that their long-awaited title will be headed to Windows PC in early summer 2020.

The existence of the Death Stranding PC port was mysteriously stricken from the record shortly after the game was first announced, presumably because Sony swooped in to help Kojima Productions bring the title to fruition after the studio broke free of Konami. By staying hush about the PC port, Sony could bank on a few more PlayStation 4 copies and consoles sold to fans who could not wait to get their hands on this weird thing that Kojima Productions cooked up.

Featuring a number of Hollywood talent and absolute bonkers nonsense visuals and characters — protagonist Sam Porter Bridges works for a company named Bridges and the former president of the United States is named Bridget and they want to create “bridges” between the last remains of the country (lol), Death Stranding will no doubt be worthy of discussion. Whether it’s good or bad remains to be seen, but it’s certainly interesting.

Death Stranding releases on November 8th for PlayStation 4 and this summer on PC.

Update: Publisher 505 Games has announced that they’re the publisher of the Death Stranding PC port. They recently published Remedy’s Control as well, and it’s worth noting that that game is an Epic Games Store exclusive until next year. There’s a chance that Death Stranding may follow this path as well, but we’ll know more in future announcements.

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