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Deadly Premonition Origins’ Sound Issues Patched, PC Patch Under Consideration

Deadly Premonition Origins developer TOYBOX has released a patch for the game fixing its severe sound issues on the Nintendo Switch. The news comes from TOYBOX co-founder Tomio Kanazawa.


Some sound issues allegedly remain in Deadly Premonition Origins for the Switch, but given the outspokenness of TOYBOX, and the series’ creator Swery, who apologized for the poor port at launch, additional improvements seem likely.

It’s quite a feat that Deadly Premonition is on the Switch at all. The original Xbox 360 version wasn’t exactly a technical showcase for the console. The PS3, and later the PC ports of the game, were also rather disappointing in terms of performance as well. That said, the latter of those two just might see its own improvements. In a response to a Tweet from a fan asking about fixes to Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut on PC or an “Origins Update” of sorts, Kanazawa-san said the following: “Let me think about it, as I really want more people to play this game.” If such an update comes to fruition, that would mean that the PC port’s wonkiness which has existed since its release nearly six years ago, could finally be fixed. Awesome.

Kanazawa-san is absolutely right. More people should play this game. So, let’s hope that every version available works as best as it can.

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